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  • TVET: Dual Apprenticeship Model

    TVET stands for Technical and Vocational Education and Training. For TVET, there does exist a variety of competing models. But in Bangladesh, Technical and vocational education is being provided.

  • Beyond GDP: A search for supplementation

    Since the introduction of GDP as an economic measure, economic progress has been examined to be more concerned with the respective growth of GDP. As a single measure for every indication of the state of life is impossible, GDP supposed not to be expected to play that crucial role.

  • A tale of equity, justice & well-being:voice from coastal minority of Bangladesh

    The coastal area has been identified for different phenomenon. In the midst of these phenomenon, the lives of the minor in the coastal area of Bangladesh is not well addressed on scholarly aspect as well.

Latest Events

  • A Standard Post

    A Standard Post

    Training on zero-paper survey techniques using mobile apps

  • Link Post

    Link Post

    Saturday Research Adda: Governance & Globalization

  • Video Post

    Video Post

    Eid Special Talk-show: Change Dialogue

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