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Having its underpinnings on equity, justice and well-being CI has commenced its gallant journey of research and orchestrated several thematic research areas and painstakingly shed light on those. The wide-ranging gamut of those areas embracing the most critical and appealing themes as endorsed by global highbrows, inter alia, include identity and values, social protection, governance, politics and institution, equity, justice, rights and access, climate, environment and natural resources, education, human capital and capacity building, economy trade and connectivity, public health, water sanitation and hygiene (WASH), disaster, conflicts and humanitarian assistance.

The Effect of Informal Networks on Corruption in Education: Evidence from the Household Survey Data in Bangladesh

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People’s perception is one of the key indicators of understanding society as a whole on gross basis. Change Initiative has decided to make a study to understand this perception so that understanding of entire society can be understood scientifically. This is expected to be a nationwide survey. The major issues that would be considered under this study has already been identified.

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