Who _We Are_

Who We Are

Ripley Royle

Meticulous appreciation of the diverse aspects of nature and humankind in the milieu of ever-evolving universe enthuses a cluster of enlightened souls to form a dynamic and vibrant organization with the prime objective of expediting the noble process of founding a welfare state and society premised on equity, justice and well-being. Inextricable ambiances accompanying the global theatre enkindle the vigour of the organizers to pick out the name Change Initiative (CI) to embark on the befitting journey of contriving alternative paradigm that aims to conduct research, training, workshop and other activities crucial in national and global perspective especially of developing states including Bangladesh.

About Us


    A world where equity, justice and well-being will be established.


    Change Initiative predominantly aims to conduct, promote, advance and support to germinate innovative ideas, generate evidence, influence policy, manage and archive data and knowledge as well as to provide technical assistance.

  • GOAL

    Change Initiative (CI) is keen to establish, maintain and promote equity, justice and well-being in the developing states with a special emphasis on Bangladesh.

Our Objectives

  • Conduct research and contribute substantially to enrich innovation and knowledge management

  • Propagate evidence based policy advocacy through publishing reports, policy briefs, journals, books, articles, periodicals, magazines, posters and other sort of reports and papers

  • Work in the arena of data collection, mining, archiving and management

  • Enhance capacity building through training, conferences, lectures, seminar, workshops, symposiums, debates etc.

  • Developing network with governments, national and international research organizations, educational institutions, NGOs, business and professional bodies etc.

CI Structure