equity. justice. well-being

Change Initiative is registered under the companies act, 1994 (ACT XVIII OF 1994) of Bangladesh government as a private company limited by shares. Change Initiative’s motto is to contribute to the development of equity, justice, and well-being in the society.

About Us

Our working areas

The focused working areas of the organisation are- Disasters, Conflicts and Humanitarian Assistance; Identity and Values, Social Protection; Equity, Justice, Rights and Access; Climate, Environment and Natural Resource; Public Health and WASH; Education, Human Capital, Capacity building; Economy, and Trade and Connectivity. Type of activities undertaken by the organization range from research, policy advocacy, training and capacity building, etc.

Our mission

The mission of Change Initiative is to contribute to the policy research and advocacy, quality education, capacity building, training, indigenous management to ensure equity- justice- and well-being for all.

Our vision

An enabling environment where equity- justice- and well-being will be ensured and leadership quality will be developed to contribute within the society.


The goal of Change Initiative is to contribute to improving the governance system by evidence-based policy advocacy, generating managing knowledge, contributing to quality education, strengthening of institutions.


A sustainable strategy is devised to achieve the maximum, a need-based and right based approach initiated ascertains the problem with full community involvement and mobilizing all indigenous and local resources. Provide training and technical assistance for income generation and entrepreneurship development. Network expansion and develop partnerships with allies.

About Us

Our objectives

  • To promote and develop policy paper and policy brief, and undertaking data collection, research, publication, and training
  • To promote and disseminate knowledge through fully equipped organizations
  • To organize and hold exhibitions, lectures, classes, debates, conferences, tours, excursions or any other functions for the further of the objects
  • To develop and maintain partnerships with allies, Universities, educational and research institutions or bodies
  • To organize training courses and special programs  to  impart  training,  education  in  all  disciplines,  online,  distinct,  correspondence  courses
  • To develop web-enabled applications for data collection, research, and training
  • To provide support to other organizations both at national and international levels. As a part of policy advocacy, to organize and conduct Training, Workshop, Seminar, Symposium, Conference, Dialogue, and Meeting for collecting and disseminating knowledge, new technology adoption
  • To print, publish, circulate, sell, buy or manage or support, books, reports, journals, newspapers, magazines, periodicals, circulars, posters, data and information

Values guiding our work

  • Right: Ensuring transparency at all levels of our work
  • Proficiency : Providing creative expertise and strong commitment
  • Unity: Within our organisation and with the stakeholders
  • Justice: Within our organisation as well as in society
  • Integrity: To act according to the values we wish to promote
  • Flexibility: Showing our willingness to change and learn

Organizational values

  • Honesty
  • Respect for individual
  • Integrity
  • Participation in communal activities
  • Transparency in all transactions
  • Accountability to all the actions/deeds performed by an individual
  • Creativity
  • Cost efficiency
  • Gender sensitivity

Guiding principles

Change Initiative follows the below-mentioned guiding principles in the implementation of its projects/programs:

    • Use of knowledge and expertise
    • Making efforts to achieve the highest quality standards
    • Promoting a culture of innovation and creativity
    • Enhancing partnership, networking and coordination

Professional strength

  • Highly qualified, experienced and devoted professionals;
  • Adaptability to cope up and meet the requirements of diverse socio-cultural environment
  • Extensive network to undertake initiatives in urban and rural areas;
  • Strength in using of state-of-the-art technologies, equipment and tools;
  • Strong expertise and partnerships for undertaking research, training and different innovative initiatives;