Upholding human dignity will remain a byzantine conundrum if diverse identities and values of human being are not absorbed in a pluralistic milieu. Amidst the chaotic order ensuing from chauvinism, genocide, war of aggression, neo-colonialism and neo-imperialism variegated identities and values of different human race are exposed to the edge of extinction. The fact of the extinction of diverse human races and the threat of extinction of other races provoke global highbrows to raise their voice as well as writings to preserve and protect their identities, cultural heritage and values concomitant with rights. Enthralled by the ingenuity of the outstanding researchers in this field and mostly to untangle the identity of the people of Bangladesh in the midst of abysmal bewilderment Change Initiative embarks on an arduous journey to demystify the identity enigma as well as cultural heritage and values of this nation.

  • National Identity
  • Right, Access & Institution