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29th Saturday Research Adda: করোনায় করণীয়

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Presentation topic: ‘করোনায় করণীয়’ Dos and Don’ts to be safe from COVID19)

Speaker: Nahid A Siddiqui
Independent Consultant & Journalist
Chief Executive, Insights

Nahid A Siddiqui has been working in varying capacities in the field of gender rights including SRHR, and women empowerment nearly all her working life, commencing with the specific focus on the topic in her work as a journalist. This has been more focused on various research projects on the issues which involved coordination and communication with different stakeholders in order to get a true understanding of the situations. Gathered knowledge and experience on advocating and coordinating in different issues i.e. the necessity of educating children and adolescents on their SRHR and overall hygiene; raise awareness of the society on eliminating GBV; and rights to decide suitable contraception for couples. She is currently working on engaging males and gatekeepers of the society in the different awareness program.