Ongoing _Training_

Ongoing Training

Research Methodology for Social science

Course duration

  • Three months
  • Three sessions per week
  • Each session with 2-hour duration
  • Sessions would be conducted at weekend

Course breakdown:

  1. Research Basics
  3. STATA

Teaching methods: 

Interactive discussion with real life illustration

Learning Outcome:

  1. To start your own research project
  2. To get at least one article submitted
  3. To know where to learn if some problems arise

Who should attend          

  1. No publication at any level as it is a beginner level course
  2. At least third year student


SL. No. 1st Month

Research Basics

2nd Month


3rd Month


1. Research Question Formulation User interface User Interface
2. Research Cycle Create a new project and import data Descriptive Statistics
3. Types of a Research View and edit data Ordinary least square methods
4. Research Methods 1: Quantitative Code data and manage codes Binary Regression Model
5. Research Methods 2: Qualitative Retrieve coded segments Time series model 1
6. Research Methods 3: Mixed Method Working with memos Time series model 2
7. Research Method Selection Lexical Search Time series model 3
8. Research Design Export options Panel Data Regression Model 1
9. Research Writing Where to find help Panel Data Regression Model 2
10. Citation Dig to the reality 1: FGDs Other Regression Model 1
11. Publication Ethics Dig to the reality 2: KIIs Other Regression Model 2
12 Read the research Dig to the reality 3: Literature Review Other Regression Model 2


 Course fee:

Per person 36000 Taka only and can be payable to each three installments.

Only twelve students would be accepted per batch.

Certification condition                                                         

  1. You have to complete a research article within the course duration as team member

Corporate Communications & Presentation

Target Audience: Final year Students, Job Seekers, Entry Level Professionals

Communications Module- Each session: 1.5- 2 Hours, Total Class: 10, Training Fee 5000


Communication methods: Concepts and Approach

  1. Communication Insights:
  • Principles of Corporate Communication
  • Formal vs informal communication
  1. Improving English Communication:
  • Process of speaking confidently in English
  • Uses of powerful vocabularies for convincing clients
  1. Employment Communication:
  • Interview Hacks
  • Ways to approach a potential employer


Add-On Class featuring:
7. Workshop  8. Group practice  9. Real Life Work & 10. Exam

Communication methods: Business Writing Tools

  1. Cover Letter and Business Letter
  • Format, Different parts & tone for letter
  • Direct & Indirect approach of letter
  • How to write Good news letter & Bad newsletter
  1. Email:
  • Parts, Formats & linguistic expression of Email
  • Etiquette of Email writing
  1. Memo and Minutes
  • Formats of Memo, Meeting Minutes
  • Basic guideline to write Meeting minutes, Memo
  • Sample of meeting minutes, Memo


Presentation Module- Each session: 1.5- 2 Hours, Total Class: 6, Training Fee 3000

Communication methods: Business Presentation

  1. Business Presentation best practices, Do and Don’ts
  2. Incorporating Effective Techniques in Presentation
  3. Step by Step for designing perfect structure for power point presentation
  4. Linguistic expressions, Audience Management, Logistic Management
  5. Workshop
  6. Presentation Skill Test

Total Fee: 8000 ৳ (Students can get Discounts up to 15%)

Payment by: bKash – 01302843523 (Personal)

Payment Deadline: 05 March 2020

Class Starts from: 06 March 2020 (Friday)


The aim of the course is to enhance the technical skill of BTEB teachers. For 100% student’s attendance, teachers have to present Fascinating class presentation, giving ideas to students about lucrative jobs of national & international field and teacher has to understand the student’s psychology. The institution should make an association with teacher, parents and students that will work for student career planning to reduce unemployment in Bangladesh. change initiative will provide tailored training for bteb teachers in both basic and advance teaching techniques. If the students are aware of the national and international benefits of technical education, then the students will move towards technical education. change initiative designed this course with three topics:

  1. Basic computer & internet
  2. Presentation skill
  3. Student psychology